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15 January 2014

Beatrix matrix system
sets number record!

by Giga Gerard
mathematical artist

A public gift of the largest natural number in mathematics, dedicated to the departing Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, in gratitude for the prosperous period of her reign. Created for the occassion of the coronation on 30 April 2013 of her son King Willem Alexander, ruling with the lovely Máxima of Argentina on his side. „Viva la Reina!”

A deep matrix called Btrix is set up for the Big number championship against Chris Bird's Beaf algorithm. Subsequently we crown it with the mindboggling “Beatrix Máxima” with good hope the Dutch royal family will accept their new world record number, following the national festivities in the year 2013.

Big numbers are numbers without practical purpose, neither outside nor inside of mathematics. But we can define ever larger structures and smarter algorithms to create increasingly Big numbers.
By comparison this world is rather small, we cannot resolve those numbers completely.

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“Beatrix matrix system sets number record!”  April 2013-March 2014…
Mathemagical article by Giga Gerard on the construction of a Royal Dutch largest number.

Work draft © 2014 Giga Gerard