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More than 42!

Suppose the universe could be expressed in one big number, containing all the quantum states ever to exist. Then for intelligent human beings, to have conscious awareness and the ability to change these quantum states, means we can adapt this number. It would be like some 'intelligent digits' appearing somewhere in the number would influence the value of some other digits somewhere else in the number. Of course seen as a whole this would be an illusion, as we are dealing with an immutable, fixed numerical entity here, it cannot change, or can it?

Suppose you were a highly evolved being and wanted to investigate this matter of the universal number and the self-consciousness of its digits. You cannot run the risk of your universe going all haywire because some digits somewhere interfered with the way the number was built up. Then your results would become inconclusive. What you need is a test environment, where conscious awareness and mathematical knowledge is minimal compared to the whole. You'd create a physical universe as part of the larger mathematical structure. There you allow planets to exist with beings that behave and think physically, so you can conduct your psychological experiments on them.

Suppose we are living in this test tube called earth, and we're being watched by these highly evolved beings. What would they be most interested in? Money, sex or religion? Because the topic of their research would be the effect that conscious adaptation of a small part has on the whole, any human motivation could be of interest to them. Most interesting though is when the human mind becomes aware of the unreal and unscientific. I am talking about the strange things that occur when someone falls in love, the coincidences, the poetry, the madness. Psychotic minds are great guinea pigs, because nobody would believe them if they could tell. They are mad, or aren't they?

Of course this research is very important, the physical universe was created just for this purpose. And within that space planet earth is just a test setting, with all its mad minds like tiny particles floating around. If I get conscious could that have an effect on the bigger perspective? They say one butterfly can cause a tropical storm. If you read this and it suddenly gets windy, will you let me know? If you are dead where will you go? The conscious entity, is it just wasted? I think not, for you are a valuable asset, much appreciated by this alien God researcher. You are the hero of a life that grows bigger. The love that is found.

posted on Friday, February 02, 2007 9:08 PM


# re: More than 42! 2/5/2007 2:12 PM Marie


# re: More than 42! 2/5/2007 3:06 PM Frances van NovaLoka

Thank you, thank you!

# re: More than 42! 2/6/2007 1:06 AM Justin

How could you possibly have a number that contains the universe - what container would you keep it in?

How would aliens know what this thing we call "love" is outside of the human experience (unless of course they are humans themselves)? Then what is love then? Is it what keeps electrons spinning around protons? The earth spinning around the sun?

# re: More than 42! 2/6/2007 7:05 AM Seung Sahn Soen Sa

You ask me, I ask you. This is love.

# re: More than 42! 2/6/2007 6:48 PM Andrea's true Love.. ;o)

# re: More than 42! 2/7/2007 11:11 PM Mairead

Interesting reading!
I believe the future will tell us a lot about highly evolved beings and about ourselves.
For me the future is very scientific and we seem to have so much more to learn.
Questions like these deserve to be answered... and I believe they will.
You know this well... I see the future. It involves cosmic spirits that communicate with one another. So far, I can do this. I can communicate with my mind (or spirit). This telepathic communication comes from the future, I believe. There is Light ahead... Cosmic light!

# re: More than 42! 2/8/2007 9:30 AM Frances van NovaLoka

Thank you Mairead!
But what are the Cosmic Spirits talking about??

# re: More than 42! 2/8/2007 4:48 PM Mairead

The cosmic spirits aren't beings Frances. Cosmic spirit is the way by which one communicates in this world of mine.
However, I went to the pdoc today and I came away thinking he must think I am really lost. I hate that doctors can only handle psychiatry and don't even consider the involvement of anything else.
In a psychiatric world, everything unusual is considered schizophrenic... it's so annoying! There is no room for anything else in the view of a pdoc.
Yeah maybe my cosmic spirit flashes are hallucinations but the future will tell!
Fuck it, I only know what I know... no more!

# re: More than 42! 2/8/2007 8:07 PM Frances van NovaLoka

OK, forgive me my passion for practical knowledge Mairead, I will rephrase my pungent question to you:
"What is it that is communicated by way of cosmic spirits?"
Tell us everything, don't hold back!

# re: More than 42! 2/9/2007 8:33 PM Mairead

Nothing is communicated. It's just a way of communicating! Using your mind/spirit as well as or instead of talking. It's a psychic form of communication a little bit like A.I. (the film, Artificial Intelligence).
That's how I use it anyhow... I believe I can communicate with people non-verbally but without any disturbance to the other person at the same time.
So it seems...

# re: More than 42! 2/9/2007 9:23 PM Frances van NovaLoka

That's crazy Mairead! Answer me this: how can you communicate without some message of some sort that is transmitted. That's not communication, at best that is some vague feeling, some intuition that cannot be put to words. I don't accept that.

You're the poet Mairead, the woman of words, you can tell what's going on, what's in the exchange, what's in the spirit. Try harder, for all of us!

# re: More than 42! 2/9/2007 9:54 PM Mairead

I suppose you are transmitting a thought impulse. It's communication without words. Why is that impossible?
It's like every form of communication. You are sending a thought with the "message" in the thought. It's an impulse like a nerve impulse. It works in the same way.
It's a psychic means of communication. This is not impossible.
It's not about feeling... but maybe, intuition. It's a conversation without words. It's communication. What don't you understand? I do this all the time!

# re: More than 42! 2/9/2007 10:02 PM Frances van NovaLoka

What I understand is that you are talking about the technique of communication, while we here are all craving for the contents of those cosmic messages. What is it about? Can we talk to the aliens? That sort of thing...

Thanks for your prompt response by the way ;o)

# re: More than 42! 2/9/2007 10:13 PM Mairead

I'm sorry, I haven't really been following your conversations because they were probably in Dutch! but... yes, I think we could communicate with aliens in the same way because sometimes I use this to communicate with animals. I'm not saying that happens a lot but I have thought I could communicate with an animal. So it would probably be the same with aliens. Once you understand negative and positive you can communicate with anyone really, in my view.
I have seen a UFO up very close. In my opinion, God is the mind of the universe so aliens are His beings as much as humans are.
I believe in aliens because I have seen this space-ship so that is my personal proof. I believe them to be friends rather than foes. And I am pretty sure they would communicate with us if they wanted to. All we need to understand really is "Yes" and "No"... even a bit like communicating with a baby.
But no-one can seem to prove the existence of aliens. Personally, I believe in them from what I have seen myself.

# re: More than 42! 2/9/2007 10:42 PM Mairead

The way I see it, God is the Mind of the Universe or the Universal Mind. God is Life. This includes human life AND alien life: Life on Earth plus life on other planets. We can only imagine the size of the Universe. I believe Life is God's Imagination. We live in this Imagination of His. Space travel is the Future, in my view. I believe Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs) or "aliens" already know how to travel through Space. That is our Future.

Also, human consciousness is very important. So far we can only use our individual minds internally but I think that is about to change. Hopefully, we will begin to communicate on a cosmic level (that I have tried to describe to you) as we evolve more.

Proof of aliens has yet to be established. However, we can conceive the existence of aliens or HEBs. Once we can conceive something, we can imagine it. If we can imagine it, it is possible. This is like dreaming. Believing in the Future. Looking forward. Evolving. Becoming greater. This is how consciousness works. And I believe in consciousness.

# re: More than 42! 2/10/2007 9:17 AM Frances van NovaLoka

Oops sorry Mairead, I went to sleep, I'm a bit ill, problems with the intestines, strange creatures have been creeping around there...

> I have thought I could communicate with an animal

That's interesting: Andrea told us she talks to animals (het dog) before she goes to sleep. And that she "feels" what they think.

> I have seen a UFO up very close.

Hey! Now I need a description of what it looked like. You saw it very close you say, so now you are an expert on UFOs. Tell us everything! What was its colour, how did it move, did it have windows, was it metal, how big was it, what noize did it make, could you see the aliens???????

# re: More than 42! 2/21/2007 9:58 PM Mairead

It looked exactly the same as in the movies.
It was very far away and in a matter of seconds it was up really close so it moved very fast.
I didn't see any aliens... just the ship itself.